My name is Chris. I am from Springfield, Missouri.  I am happily married and a father of three amazing kids. I love spending time with my family, spending time at the gym and eating.

Notice how I said eating. Eating and weight gain is a struggle I have had for a very long time. I have lost weight before, but I tend to put it back on.  I am down a total of 95 pounds again.  I have done it through hard work in the gym with amazing coaches and friends and through a healthy diet. I did not say I am on a diet, but what I eat is my diet. I work with a nutritional coach that has helped me stay on track and stay focused.

Part of my journey is to stay motivated and listen to as much Journey as possible, because I don’t want to stop believing! So I have decided to start this podcast. I get to talk with amazing people who have a lot more knowledge than I do. Basically, I wanted an excuse to sit down with people I admire and hang out.

Why The Unbroken Podcast? To be honest, I was trying to think of a clever and catchy name. Something that sticks with people and is familiar to the fitness community.  “Unbroken” felt right, but the more I thought about it, the more right it felt. We go through life and sometimes feel broken and beat down.  We still need to hold our head up and Live Unbroken! Being unbroken is not just a term in the gym but in everything we do in life. I love being able to do a workout unbroken. Being able to push myself further than I had ever gone.

I hope you enjoy my new podcast blog and all the media we produce!

Family photo