Unbroken Podcast 006: Sheridan Page


Today’s episode is with Sheridan Page. If it was the end of the world or the zombie apocalypse happened, Sheridan is the person you would want with you. He knows a little about everything and always has a good story to go with it. He has 29 professional kickboxing and boxing fights under his belt.

Sheridan is no stranger to hard work. He played sports in high school and
then found himself in a boxing gym after his divorce from his first wife.
I was excited to talk about the boxing gym environment and how someone
trained to be a fighter.
We also talk about how he transitioned from fighting to lifting using the
Arnold method and then to CrossFit. Sheridan has realized how much he
loves coaching and has coached CrossFit for the last 2 years. I have had
the pleasure of competing in two competitions with him. This was a fun
interview with a fun person!

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