Unbroken Podcast 004: Ashley Humphries

On today’s episode of the Unbroken Podcast we talk to Ashley Humphries. On Facebook before I even started my podcast, I made a post about my own fight with my eating disorder of binge eating.  She reached out to me afterwords in a private message and thanked me for sharing my story and then shared part of hers with me. I knew I had to have her on the podcast.
We had met earlier in the year while prepping for the Tanger Throwdown and instantly became friends! One of the nicest people you can meet.  She is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others and has become a outspoken advocate for people who have eating disorders.  She thought she was alone and when she shared her story on facebook, it helped several people.  She wants people realize they are not alone.

Follow her on instagram at @ashleyrenee0113

6 yrs ago @105 lbs
6 yrs ago @105 lbs

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