Unbroken Podcast 003: Dylan Harris

On this episode of The Unbroken Podcast, I talk to Dylan Harris.  Dylan has been my nutrition coach for 8 months, and I have lost a lot of weight working with him. We discuss working with a trainer for your fitness goals.  We talk about how Dylan went from playing college baseball to bodybuilding and now CrossFit.

We also talk about how sick he got last year and discuss what kind of toll it took on his body, going through surgery and then recovery. This was a really fun podcast, and I learned a lot from him.  I really want to talk to him again and not just because he is one of my coaches.  Follow him on social media.  Links listed below.

FitStatus website : http://fitstatuspersonaltraining.com/
Instagram: @fitstatuspt
Twitter: @fitstatuspt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitstatuspt/

Also, I have to tell you, during the last 10 minutes of the podcast, the audio starts getting choppy.  Maybe my laptop started overheating, so I apologize for that. This is still a major learning curve for me.

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