Setting Goals and Follow Through

A big part of change in anyone’s life is getting the mind made up to follow through with the change.  A lot of people have good intentions to do something.  They will plan it all out in their head and feel good about it but never follow through.  That is why so many people do not succeed with a health or fitness plan. They felt good as they thought about it and that was their reward.  So how do you get your mind right to succeed in your goals?


  1. If you have a goal, write it down.
    Just thinking about change never brings about the change you want in life. Once you think of something good for you, stop what you are doing and write it down.  Put it somewhere you can see it. It makes it more official.
  2. Make a plan of action.
    Once you have your goal, how are you going to achieve it?  Whether it be going to the gym, losing weight or starting a podcast, you have to map out how to achieve it.  It just doesn’t happen.  Sit down and plan! Write out the steps you need to take.  If your goal is weight loss, you will need to plan on eating healthy and exercising.  Great, but how?  Go to the gym 4 times a week for 60 minutes.  Hire a nutrition coach.  Make a vision board with your goal and how you will achieve it.
  3. Tell everyone your goal.
    I promise people want to help you, at least the people who matter in your life.  People will line up to do what they can to help you. Post your goals on social media.  I can’t tell you how many times people came up to me and told me they are there for me.  That is what helps so many stay accountable, BECAUSE those same people will notice you eating unhealthy or not going to the gym.  I remember my first ever post regarding my intentions to lose weight over 4 years ago.  I asked for help.  I asked people to support me in my goal to lose weight.  It was my most “liked” and commented post ever. People offered to run with me.  People offered to help me plan meals. Tell people, and ASK FOR HELP!
  4. Remember, you will get off track.
    It is going to happen. It’s how you get back on track that is going to determine if you will be successful in your goal. Never start again the next day or week, start over right then! Take a step back, take a deep breath and keep moving forward. One bad meal or day is not going to ruin what you started. People might not believe in you, and you might even doubt yourself. But get back up and keep moving forward. Remember step 3?  When you get off track is when you need to lean on the people you asked to help.
  5. Begin with the end in mind.
    What is the point or goal you are wanting to achieve? Are you going to do what ever it takes to get there? You will have to ask yourself if you really want something. You have to envision yourself being there and never let go. You will have to look back on your dream daily to get there.  If you think starting a new job would be a good idea but are not willing to do what it takes, then none of these steps will really help you.

I am not perfect when it comes to doing this, and a lot of us already know these steps. Just doing it, though, is the hard part!  Don’t let your goals turn into just dreams.  Make the choice now to go out and get your dreams!

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