Unbroken Podcast 036: Melody Pettit

This was a fun interview. Melody is a down-to-earth person who has some fun stories!  She is a morning anchor for KSPR in Springfield Missouri.  She has also lost over 50 pounds and managed to keep the weight off over a year.
Mel4Melody, like myself, does not like to run, but we both know the importance of doing it. She has found joy in doing triathlons. I love that she really doesn’t have a training plan that she follows; she just knows that she needs to do work and puts it in. It works for her, and it’s what keeps training fun.
After college, she gained weight. She was playing college basketball and ate whatever she wanted. Once she stopped playing, she kept eating and noticed a weight gain. With the help of a good friend, she was able to find the motivation to head to the gym and eat healthy.
Mel3Loved just sitting down and talking to a friend. Hope you all enjoy this episode of the podcast!

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