Unbroken Podcast 035: Rob Bernet

This episode of the Unbroken Podcast I interviewed Rob Bernet.  I enjoyed talking to him and left the interview feeling like I made a new friend. Rob is a graphic designer as his day job but understands the benefit of exercising and bettering himself. I’d be more than happy to look like Rob at his age.
Rob2When Rob was just a kid, he was small and skinny but tried out for football and, in his words, was not very good. So him and a friend on the back of a comic book saw an ad for a bodybuilding guide.  They ordered it and over the next year they really put some work in and gained some serious size and strength.  Rob found himself being on top of the players on the team the next year.  He went from being picked on to people leaving him alone.  That set the tone for the rest of life in aspects of fitness.

rob4Rob found CrossFit back in 2007 when it was still fairly new.  Just trying to figure out what to do with the workouts that were posted at crossfit.com.  In 2011, he thought he tweaked his back, but turned out he had a staph infection in his spin that caused some of his vertebra to fuse together. He had a fight for his life and was told that he might not even be able to walk again. Against the odds and due to his great physical shape and help of pure determination on his part, he is again in the gym killing workouts.  Rob even got 1st place in the Granite Games in the 50+ division in 2015!

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