Unbroken Podcast 033: Cara Dee Stucke

So grateful that Cara said yes when I asked her to be on the podcast. Such a cool interview. This has been one of my favorite episodes by far.  Just hearing about some of the things she has overcome and her strength of will has inspired me so much.
CaraCara has lost over a hundred pounds and overcame cancer twice. We talked about how she had tried almost everything in the book to lose weight but nothing stuck.  Then, she found out she had cancer. In her mind, she felt like her weight was the cause of the cancer.  This put a fire under her to lose the weight. She has not looked back since.
cara3Love the story she tells about how she decided to bike a 300-mile race across Missouri because she saw a Groupon.  She had never done a race or even owned a bike at that time. Not only did she do the race, but she did it on a Walmart bike.
cara2She has just finished chemotherapy and is waiting to hear if she is cancer free. As of the recording, she had not heard yet, but I have great news.  She is in remission!  Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it!

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