Unbroken Podcast 031: Ben Davis

Ben Davis has been an inspiration to me for a long time.  His video, My 120 Pound Journey, is what got me started down the path of health over 5 years ago.  Seeing someone change his life and start running got my butt off the couch and moving.

Ben has taken another journey as of late. He started a walk across the United States in Los Angeles, and he will end in Boston July 23rd. When I interviewed him May 21, he was in Columbia Missouri. I was so excited to drive up to meet him and talk to him about his adventures. We talk about many things including some of the nights alone in the dessert with only Taylor Swift’s 1989 to keep him company and meeting all sorts of amazing people on his walk.
We talk about the struggle of weight loss and diet.  Working out is the easy part for both of us; it is the eating right that is the hard part.

Photo credit Jason Tracy
Photo credit Jason Tracy

I loved getting to talk to Ben.  He is a down-to-earth guy who lives for the moment.  Little known fact… I can deadlift more than him…

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