Unbroken Podcast 029: Eric Johnson

I was really excited when Eric said he would be on the podcast.  I have known Eric since I started running 5 years ago.  He helped me buy my first real pair of running shoes at The Starting Block, and I have been his friend on Facebook ever since.  I have been able to follow some of his story and training since then.
eric2Eric is the store manager of Ultramax in Springfield, Missouri.  We talk about why he started running and training.  He realized he was a natural at running, and it was something he was good at.  This eventually translated into a career after he saw a need for a store specializing in running in Springfield.
eric3He has fit several thousands of people in new shoes since he started doing it, and in doing so, he has learned a lot and plans on writing a book on fitting people into shoes.
eric4Eric was a blast to have on the podcast, and I learned a lot from him. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot, too.

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