Unbroken Podcast 027: Jeremy Mhire

Had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Mhire at his gym at CrossFit Springfield a few weeks ago and talk for an hour about a little bit everything. Jeremy was my first CrossFit coach when I started three years ago. I got to ask him what he thought when seeing someone who was super sedentary change their lifestyle and try something like CrossFit.
Jeremy2Jeremy was in a boy band in the early 2000’s called Plus One! It was fun to talk to him about how he got that opportunity and how being in that band translates into his coaching today.
We also had the opportunity to talk about HOA, Heart Of America Competition, and how it came about.  Started off really small at the local box and has grown into a major event in this region.  We talk about the reasons behind Heart of America and how he discovered that his wife has a rare heart condition and almost died on the side of the road.
Jeremy5 Jeremy4I really enjoyed talking to Jeremy about all things fitness and family.  Hope you enjoy the podcast, and here is a video to enjoy from his boy band days!


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