Unbroken Podcast 026: Jeff Jones

Jeff swore off three things after he got out of the Marines.  Running, camping and shooting. Now he does those three things more than ever, especially running. I met Jeff 5 years ago when I started running with Nixa Running, and now, we are both Idiots in the Idiots Running Club.

Jeff1 In the last 5 years, Jeff has gone from running a 5k and then his first marathon to running several ultra marathons.  We talk a lot about how Jeff has learned to listen to his body and become a better runner.
Jeff 3
After completing several marathons, Jeff also talks about how to look for the next challenge. Jeff has a wish list of really fun races that he wants to do that most people wouldn’t even imagine doing.
Jeff 2

Loved this episode.  Jeff is a great friend and great athlete.

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