Unbroken Podcast 025: Jessi Neal

It is so cool to have 25 episodes of the podcast, and I am thrilled that this episode is with Jessi Neal. Some call her the mother of CrossFit in the southwest Missouri area.  I got to sit down and get to know more about her.
Jessi 1Jessi was not always an athlete. She grew up playing music and was a music major playing  the cello. Somehow, she found a love for theme park management and started perusing that career. She even learned how to drive a steam engine at Silver Dollar City. When she was interviewing for her dream job, she had a brain aneurysm.
Jessi 3We talked a lot about how she was one of the people who brought CrossFit to this area and how it has grown so much.  There were a couple of times when it didn’t make it off the ground.
Jessi 4I loved talking to Jessi and getting to know her.  Enjoy the episode!
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