Unbroken Podcast 021: Siobhan and Shannon Tewari

Loved interviewing Siobhan and Shannon!  So cool to have a mother and daughter come together in their love for fitness!  We talked a lot about how Shannon at age 12 decided to start doing Crossfit after spending so much time in childcare at different fitness locations while her mom was a professional body builder.
image3Shannon is an amazing teenager.  She started doing CrossFit to supplement tennis, but CrossFit quickly became her focus and passion. The people she looks up to are CrossFit athletes.  She has applied the lessons she has learned while working out into her everyday life.  When things get hard, she knows she can still do it, because she has done hard things in the gym.  Shannon after 16.2 is now 42nd in the world in the teenage 14-15 age group! Look out, here she comes!
Siobhan has always strived to have fitness in her life.  Bodybuilding and figure was something she took to and fell in love with.  She competed professionally from 2005 to 2010. Three years ago, she found CrossFit, and it was a perfect fit for her in this time of her life. It was a lot of fun to talk about her time in the bodybuilding world and then her transition to CrossFit.
We also talk about Siobhan seeing her daughter grow in the fitness world and how it is something so important that they do together.
Hope you enjoy this podcast!

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