Unbroken Podcast 018: Charity Dye

I was so excited for the chance to talk to Charity and lucked out that she was going to be up in Springfield. I got to know her through local competitions, and she was always the person to say something nice to everyone. I’ve always been impressed on how hard she works and how dedicated she is in fitness.
Charity 1
Some of her background includes teaching Body Pump classes to trying out CrossFit to going to Regionals 3 times.
Charity 3
We talk about nutrition and even pulled her husband Keith (a bodybuilder) into the conversation to tap into his knowledge.  Charity talks about how much her performance improved once she started following Keith’s diet.  He CrossFits to be with her, and she body builds to be with him.  You can tell they really love each other and complement each other in their own passions. Enjoy the podcast!
Charity 2

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