Unbroken Podcast 017: Mallory Lawson

I am such a fan of Mallory.  She is an amazing athlete and a fun person. She has always been an athlete.  She started gymnastics at the age of 2 and has not looked back in regards to fitness.
Mallory 1
We talk about fitness, playing sports, and starting CrossFit.  It was fun to talk about Regionals and going to the CrossFit Games as a member of the CrossFit 417 team. We discuss eating and nutrition and how that affected her in college and now as a CrossFit athlete.
Mallory 3
Mallory is pregnant right now!  We talk about how being prego has affected her in the gym and how she is still in there getting after it!  Hope you enjoy her episode.  Check out her baby blog at Driven Nutrition by clicking on the link HERE! And her instagram @malgal111
Mallory 2

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