Unbroken Podcast 016: Jenn Crosby

I had the honor to interview my wife for this podcast. Not only is she a very good athlete in her own respect, but she has to put up with me and all my shenanigans.
We talk about her fitness background.  How she went from a very competitive skater and figure skater to running marathons to coaching CrossFit. We also talk about how hard it was for her living with someone who was depressed and eating all the time.  It was really hard for her to see me at 348 pounds, wasting my life away playing video games and eating all the time.
Jenn 2
She is the love of my life.  The nicest person you will ever meet.  She loves coaching and helping other people.  I hope you enjoy her podcast.  You can follow her on instagram at @strongmomrx

Jenn 3

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