Unbroken Podcast 015: Ryan Reid

Ryan is a good friend of mine.  We have been working out together for almost two years.  I have managed to say a lot of dumb stuff around him, and he still keeps me as a friend!  I tell the story of my first time talking to him and his wife.  I am really surprised he even talked to me after!
Ryan 1
Ryan is a recruiter for the National Guard, and I really wanted to talk to him regarding fitness in the military.  Boot camp has always been something that has really intimidated me.  I now know it is bad but not the terrible nightmare I always thought it was. Everyone comes out of basic training in amazing shape. We get to talk about what people do to stay fit after basic training, especially when you are just reserves. A lot of people turn to CrossFit and that is why we see a lot of people from the military involved with CrossFit.
Ryan 2
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Ryan 3

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