Unbroken Podcast 014: Randy Santel

Hey, everybody! This is Chris Crosby with the Unbroken Podcast and proud owner of unbrokenpodcast.com. I am so freaking excited to have Randy Santel on my podcast this week.  This guy can put down some food!

Just take a moment, and click on the link right HERE and watch some of his eating challenges. Boy, can he eat.  But, he also knows a lot about fitness and weight loss.  Randy was athletic growing up and played football in college at Missouri State.  In 2010, he won a body transformation contest through Men’s Health. To celebrate, he did a food challenge with his friend and won $500.  He realized he was really good at this food eating thing and had been making videos of his challenges ever since.

Randy has over 360 food challenge wins and has no plans on stopping.  Not only does he make these youtube videos, but he also owns Foodchallenges.com, and it is full of articles and tips on how to take on your own challenge OR create your own as a business owner.

Hope you enjoy this episode of the Unbroken Podcast!  If you would like to follow Randy on social media, check out the links below.

Youtube ChannelFacebook
Instagram: @RandySantel
Twitter  @RandySantel
Website: foodchallenges.com and randysantel.com

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