Unbroken Podcast 013: Sarah Mae Skinner

Sarah Mae was your typical “head to the gym and run on the treadmill and work on abs after” gym goer, until a few of the guys at the gym talked her into to lifting some weights.  She has not looked back since.

Sarah Mae was so fun to talk to, and I loved asking questions about the power lifting and bodybuilding world.  That is something I know a little about, but it was really cool talking to someone who has been so involved and good at both.  I also loved how she talked about the people she surrounded herself with to get to where she is now.

Make sure you follow her on social media, because she is going places.  Hope you enjoy her podcast! It was a lot of fun talking to her at Panera Bread while she was visiting family for the weekend.

Instagram: @sarahmaeskinner
Facebook: SarahMaeSkinner

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