Unbroken Podcast 010: Jessica Griffith

For today’s podcast, I interviewed Jessica Griffith. I met Jessica two years ago when she competed in her first ever CrossFit competition.  She cracked me up back in the athlete staging area, and we became friends through the awesome CrossFit community.
I have watched Jessica grow into an amazing athlete.  She went from her first competition two years ago to competing in the CrossFit Games this year on a team.  You can tell she loves this sport and how it has changed her physically and mentally.
We talk about going to the dark place in a workout and how she goes to that place every workout at this point in her career. She saw what other Games athletes do to be the best, and it has driven her to work just as hard.
She has several awesome sponsors she wanted to give a shout out to.  Check them out!  No Bull, Driven Nutrition, Axom PerformanceCompete Everyday and Forged Clothing.

Also, you can follow her at @jessicargriffith on Instagram!

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