So It Begins

As I am sitting here thinking about what I am about to start, I cannot help but get really excited and nervous. I am jumping into this thing with a lot of heart and YouTube video knowledge.  I want to do it as right as I can.  I have researched the best quality/affordable mics, how to host a podcast, and how to edit and record them.  I have my social media covered, and I have this website. So again, now I am sitting here thinking about what I have gotten myself into.

I am excited, because I love to talk to people. I am passionate about fitness, weight loss, weightlifting and just helping other people.  This is a way for me to do all of that.  I get to keep hitting it hard in the gym. I get to keep eating healthy. I get to go out and talk to my friends who know way more than I do. I get to go out and make new friends and talk to people I admire.

95 pounds is a lot of weight to lose, but I still have about 35+ pounds to take off. I am still trying to make myself better. This is a way for me to do that. A way for me to stay on my game, because if I start slipping, people will know.

I hope I get to help people. I hope someone will see me and think, if this guy can do it, anyone can.  I am no one special. I just put myself into situations where it is hard to fail.  Get the mindset right, and surround yourself with people who want to help you.  This podcast is my attempt to surround myself with all of you and be vulnerable.

I plan on posting about my podcast for that week.  We will be releasing one every Wednesday.  I will also post daily regarding health, working out and getting your mind right.  I hope to have guest posts from friends. We will have a lot of fun and also tackle some serious subjects.

Live life Unbroken, and welcome to The Unbroken Podcast!


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