Unbroken Podcast 031: Ben Davis

Ben Davis has been an inspiration to me for a long time.  His video, My 120 Pound Journey, is what got me started down the path of health over 5 years ago.  Seeing someone change his life and start running got my butt off the couch and moving.

Ben has taken another journey as of late. He started a walk across the United States in Los Angeles, and he will end in Boston July 23rd. When I interviewed him May 21, he was in Columbia Missouri. I was so excited to drive up to meet him and talk to him about his adventures. We talk about many things including some of the nights alone in the dessert with only Taylor Swift’s 1989 to keep him company and meeting all sorts of amazing people on his walk.
We talk about the struggle of weight loss and diet.  Working out is the easy part for both of us; it is the eating right that is the hard part.

Photo credit Jason Tracy
Photo credit Jason Tracy

I loved getting to talk to Ben.  He is a down-to-earth guy who lives for the moment.  Little known fact… I can deadlift more than him…

Unbroken Podcast 030: Alissa Myers

Alissa was someone I have always looked up to in the CrossFit world. She is a great coach and super strong.  She was a coach at the gym where I started CrossFit. One day, she was talking about rope climbs to the class, and I said to someone under my breath, “I will never be able to do that.” She whipped around and told me that she will get me there.
alissa 1
I was excited to talk to Alissa, because she just recently lost quite a bit of weight to compete in an Olympic weight lifting competition. We got to talk about the struggles of balancing strength with weight loss.
alissa 2
Alissa was a lot of fun to talk to.  I hope you enjoy her episode as much as I did to record it.
Allisa 3

Unbroken Podcast 029: Eric Johnson

I was really excited when Eric said he would be on the podcast.  I have known Eric since I started running 5 years ago.  He helped me buy my first real pair of running shoes at The Starting Block, and I have been his friend on Facebook ever since.  I have been able to follow some of his story and training since then.
eric2Eric is the store manager of Ultramax in Springfield, Missouri.  We talk about why he started running and training.  He realized he was a natural at running, and it was something he was good at.  This eventually translated into a career after he saw a need for a store specializing in running in Springfield.
eric3He has fit several thousands of people in new shoes since he started doing it, and in doing so, he has learned a lot and plans on writing a book on fitting people into shoes.
eric4Eric was a blast to have on the podcast, and I learned a lot from him. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot, too.

Unbroken Podcast 028: Joe and Jacob Hamby

Part of the reason I love doing what I am doing now is that I get the opportunity to meet people like Jacob and Joe Hamby.  They were just a really cool family of CrossFitters that I would see at local competitions.  Me being who I am had to introduce myself to them and a quick friendship grew between me and the whole West Plains crew, especially the Hamby family.
Joe and jacobSo I had to sit down with these rock stars.  Joe Hamby was one of the people who helped bring CrossFit to West Plains over 6 years ago.  He brought his family along, and admitting at first, they really didn’t care for it. But over time, everyone came around to really loving the sport, and now it is something they all do together as a family.
JoeJacob has just turned 17 and is snatching and cleaning and jerking more than I have ever imagined.  He is super strong and hitting numbers that people twice his age dream of. Very humble and mature for his age, too.
Joe and Jacob 3I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it.  So cool to see a father and son bonding over something they both love.
Joe and Jacob 2