Unbroken Podcast 027: Jeremy Mhire

Had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Mhire at his gym at CrossFit Springfield a few weeks ago and talk for an hour about a little bit everything. Jeremy was my first CrossFit coach when I started three years ago. I got to ask him what he thought when seeing someone who was super sedentary change their lifestyle and try something like CrossFit.
Jeremy2Jeremy was in a boy band in the early 2000’s called Plus One! It was fun to talk to him about how he got that opportunity and how being in that band translates into his coaching today.
We also had the opportunity to talk about HOA, Heart Of America Competition, and how it came about.  Started off really small at the local box and has grown into a major event in this region.  We talk about the reasons behind Heart of America and how he discovered that his wife has a rare heart condition and almost died on the side of the road.
Jeremy5 Jeremy4I really enjoyed talking to Jeremy about all things fitness and family.  Hope you enjoy the podcast, and here is a video to enjoy from his boy band days!


Unbroken Podcast 026: Jeff Jones

Jeff swore off three things after he got out of the Marines.  Running, camping and shooting. Now he does those three things more than ever, especially running. I met Jeff 5 years ago when I started running with Nixa Running, and now, we are both Idiots in the Idiots Running Club.

Jeff1 In the last 5 years, Jeff has gone from running a 5k and then his first marathon to running several ultra marathons.  We talk a lot about how Jeff has learned to listen to his body and become a better runner.
Jeff 3
After completing several marathons, Jeff also talks about how to look for the next challenge. Jeff has a wish list of really fun races that he wants to do that most people wouldn’t even imagine doing.
Jeff 2

Loved this episode.  Jeff is a great friend and great athlete.

Unbroken Podcast 025: Jessi Neal

It is so cool to have 25 episodes of the podcast, and I am thrilled that this episode is with Jessi Neal. Some call her the mother of CrossFit in the southwest Missouri area.  I got to sit down and get to know more about her.
Jessi 1Jessi was not always an athlete. She grew up playing music and was a music major playing  the cello. Somehow, she found a love for theme park management and started perusing that career. She even learned how to drive a steam engine at Silver Dollar City. When she was interviewing for her dream job, she had a brain aneurysm.
Jessi 3We talked a lot about how she was one of the people who brought CrossFit to this area and how it has grown so much.  There were a couple of times when it didn’t make it off the ground.
Jessi 4I loved talking to Jessi and getting to know her.  Enjoy the episode!
Jessi 2Also go check out the Hero Showdown by clicking HERE.  If you want to donate check out their Amazon Wish List by clicking HERE

Unbroken Podcast 024: Justin Jones

I got to drive to Branson Missouri to record this podcast with a friend, Justin Jones.  We were able to sit in the back office of Crossfit Branson and talk about what he has been doing!
Justin 1Justin and I met through local athletic competitions. We talk about how he started a few competitions in southwest Missouri. We also discuss his day in the life of a firefighter and how he became one.
Justin 2Justin and his wife are driven by goals and have accomplished many things.  They were the owners of CrossFit Branson but have since sold the business to some other members and then started a corporate wellness business.  He also joined the Navy.  We talk about how excited he is to serve his country.
Justin 3I loved talking to Justin, and I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast episode!

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