Unbroken Podcast 015: Ryan Reid

Ryan is a good friend of mine.  We have been working out together for almost two years.  I have managed to say a lot of dumb stuff around him, and he still keeps me as a friend!  I tell the story of my first time talking to him and his wife.  I am really surprised he even talked to me after!
Ryan 1
Ryan is a recruiter for the National Guard, and I really wanted to talk to him regarding fitness in the military.  Boot camp has always been something that has really intimidated me.  I now know it is bad but not the terrible nightmare I always thought it was. Everyone comes out of basic training in amazing shape. We get to talk about what people do to stay fit after basic training, especially when you are just reserves. A lot of people turn to CrossFit and that is why we see a lot of people from the military involved with CrossFit.
Ryan 2
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Unbroken Podcast 014: Randy Santel

Hey, everybody! This is Chris Crosby with the Unbroken Podcast and proud owner of unbrokenpodcast.com. I am so freaking excited to have Randy Santel on my podcast this week.  This guy can put down some food!

Just take a moment, and click on the link right HERE and watch some of his eating challenges. Boy, can he eat.  But, he also knows a lot about fitness and weight loss.  Randy was athletic growing up and played football in college at Missouri State.  In 2010, he won a body transformation contest through Men’s Health. To celebrate, he did a food challenge with his friend and won $500.  He realized he was really good at this food eating thing and had been making videos of his challenges ever since.

Randy has over 360 food challenge wins and has no plans on stopping.  Not only does he make these youtube videos, but he also owns Foodchallenges.com, and it is full of articles and tips on how to take on your own challenge OR create your own as a business owner.

Hope you enjoy this episode of the Unbroken Podcast!  If you would like to follow Randy on social media, check out the links below.

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Instagram: @RandySantel
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Website: foodchallenges.com and randysantel.com

Unbroken Podcast 013: Sarah Mae Skinner

Sarah Mae was your typical “head to the gym and run on the treadmill and work on abs after” gym goer, until a few of the guys at the gym talked her into to lifting some weights.  She has not looked back since.

Sarah Mae was so fun to talk to, and I loved asking questions about the power lifting and bodybuilding world.  That is something I know a little about, but it was really cool talking to someone who has been so involved and good at both.  I also loved how she talked about the people she surrounded herself with to get to where she is now.

Make sure you follow her on social media, because she is going places.  Hope you enjoy her podcast! It was a lot of fun talking to her at Panera Bread while she was visiting family for the weekend.

Instagram: @sarahmaeskinner
Facebook: SarahMaeSkinner

Unbroken Podcast 012: Brenton Roggow

Today’s Unbroken Podcast was a lot of fun. Brenton Roggow is the kind of guy you want to have as a friend.  We talk about his background playing football growing up and playing for Evangel University in Springfield Missouri. Now, he is the strength and conditioning and Wide Receiver coach for Evangel.
Brenton 1

We also get to talk about how he got involved in commentating events in the CrossFit and fitness competition world. He has lots of cool stories about how he gets to travel around and be a part of some really cool events and make friends from all over the US.
Brenton 2

Brenton is a down-to-earth guy that strives to put others before himself, and you can tell he loves what he does, whether it’s coaching moms in a CrossFit class or coaching college football players. If you want to follow him online, follow the links below.
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