Unbroken Podcast 011: Joe Williams

Joe Williams is a good friend of mine and has been one of my coaches and mentors for almost 3 years. I was very excited to talk to him and had a lot of fun recording this episode.

We talk about what got him started on CrossFit after not finding the results he read about in fitness magazines and videos he watched on the Internet. The opportunity to open his own gym and start coaching transitioned to being a big part of Power and Grace Performance and working with some of the best CrossFitters and weightlifters in the world.
Joe 1

Joe is a wealth of knowledge. His day job is teaching college classes about the human body. He takes the things he has learned as a teacher and applies them to his coaching.
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You can follow Joe at the following links:
Power And Grace Performance@powerandgraceperformance

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Unbroken Podcast 010: Jessica Griffith

For today’s podcast, I interviewed Jessica Griffith. I met Jessica two years ago when she competed in her first ever CrossFit competition.  She cracked me up back in the athlete staging area, and we became friends through the awesome CrossFit community.
I have watched Jessica grow into an amazing athlete.  She went from her first competition two years ago to competing in the CrossFit Games this year on a team.  You can tell she loves this sport and how it has changed her physically and mentally.
We talk about going to the dark place in a workout and how she goes to that place every workout at this point in her career. She saw what other Games athletes do to be the best, and it has driven her to work just as hard.
She has several awesome sponsors she wanted to give a shout out to.  Check them out!  No Bull, Driven Nutrition, Axom PerformanceCompete Everyday and Forged Clothing.

Also, you can follow her at @jessicargriffith on Instagram!

Unbroken Podcast 009: Dylan Kelly and Patrick “Paddy” O’Hara

A few weeks ago, I was able to drive up to Columbia, Missouri and meet with two amazing athletes Dylan Kelly and Patrick “Paddy” O’Hara.
Dylan played sports growing up and found a passion for lifting weights. He found CrossFit and realized that it was something he wanted to keep doing. He also realized it was something he was very good at. He has competed in Regionals twice now and loves to throw heavy weight around.
Paddy started playing soccer when he was four and continued all the way through high school. He tried kicking a football after high school with his brother and found a new talent. They made a video and sent it to several colleges. Oklahoma University picked him up, and he was their kicker for 4 years. Paddy is a GRID athlete for the Phoenix Rise and is known as a utility member of the team. He can cycle the barbell really fast and is good at jumping over stuff.
I had a lot of fun talking to these guys. You can follow them at any of
these places!
Mo Fitness: www.mo-fitness.net and @mofitnessss

Dylan Kelly: @dylank92 and facebook.com/Dylan.kelly.9678

Patrick “Paddy” O’Hara: @patrickohara43 and facebook.com/patrick.p.ohara

Unbroken Podcast 008: Mekenzie Riley

I had the privilege to drive to Peoria, IL to meet Mekenzie Riley at CrossFit 309 and hangout and talk fitness. I met Mekenzie a year ago at a competition hosted in Ozark, Missouri called Ozark Mountain Shredfest, and she was awesome. She added me as a friend on Facebook and offered to help me with my quest to lose weight. We have stayed friends ever since.

Mekenzie is a lifestyle coach and registered dietitian. She has her own business as well, Real Results Nutrition Consulting.  Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks the walk.  She is an amazing CrossFit athlete and competes with the best. She placed 3rd in her district in the last CrossFit Games Open.

e talk about how she started CrossFit and how it helped her change the way she approached her own nutrition. Now, she wants to share that knowledge with others. Her team has some big plans for this next Games season. We talk training and what it is like to work together as a team.

So much fun!  Glad I got to do it and look forward to doing it again!

If you want to follow Mekenzie check out the links below.
Instagram: @itskenzieriley
Website: http://realresultsnutritionconsulting.com