Unbroken Podcast 041: Lynn and Dallas Stoltz

I asked Lynn to be on the podcast right around when I started it.  She has a really cool story of recovering from an eating disorder.  We met at CrossFit during one of my first ever workouts in the class.  I became friends with her and have been friends ever since.
lynnI had just met Dallas during the podcast, and I was glad I got to talk with both Lynn and Dallas.  We talked about nutrition and training and what it was like working together to overcome an eating disorder and develop a healthy relationship with food.
lynn-4Lynn and Dallas both powerlift, and they have used those talents to help others through different organizations, like Relentless and Hope Kids.
lynn3I really enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you do as well!


Unbroken Podcast 040: Leslie Franklin

Leslie Franklin was such an awesome interview.  Especially for my 40th Episode!  Loved getting to sit down and talk fitness, hard work, diet and about everything else.
john2What I loved about our conversation was how you could tell she cared about what she was doing and how she was passionate about helping people and passionate about her own goals.  You can tell she loves what she does and loves helping those around her.
Loved talking about how she took the leap of faith and chased her dreams to be a trainer after she realized being trapped behind a desk wasn’t for her.
image2It was cool to talk about powerlifting and body building and what it takes to do both and how the mindset works while training for either.  We talked a lot about diet and getting your head right and “deciding your hard.”
Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.  Follow Leslie at the links below!
snapchat @leslielilbadass

Unbroken Podcast 039: Seth Connelly

Seth was a fun interview and was super glad I got to talk to him before he moved to Virginia. We talked about a lot of fun stuff!
Seth 4We talked about his experience with going to the CrossFit Games the last two years.  What it is like seeing the all stars of the sport and then competing with them to become their friends.
Seth 3Seth did a lot of his training while in college alone in his garage.  There wasn’t a CrossFit where he was at, but it didn’t stop him from training.
Hope you all enjoy this episode of the Unbroken Podcast and remember to check out this episode’s sponsor Axom Performance.   On apparel purchases use the discount code ‘Unbroken’ for a 10% discount.


Unbroken Podcast 038: John Gorman

John Gorman is such a good guy! So much fun to talk to and has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to weight loss.  In his busy schedule, he took the time to sit down with me, and we talked a little bit about everything: weight loss, writing books, relationships, starting his business and working hard for your dreams.
1st phorm photo shootWe also talked about his son Jay’s new business, the Phat Muscle Project.  Be on the lookout for his apparel company.  I got myself one of his shirts, and they are awesome.
JohnJohn has also just released his second book, “The Flexible Fat Loss Solution.”  Find it on Amazon, or click HERE. When I posted this link, it was on sale for $14.27.  Go get it!  I am reading it now, and it has put a fire under me to get back after it and do it right.
john2Check out all of the ways your can follow John.  My personal favorites are Snapchat and Facebook.  He drops knowledge bombs on you daily and makes you laugh all while inspiring you to be better.  So grab a “White Trash” energy drink, and check out this episode of the Unbroken Podcast!

Find John in the links below.
Periscope- @teamgorman
Snapchat- @teamgorman

Unbroken Podcast 037: Chris Baker

Chris Baker was a fun podcast to record.  We recorded this episode earlier in July but I have been a little out of pocket as of late and have just now got to post it.  I apologize we have not had an episode every week for July.  August will be better.
017f9c5b4e7d1700f6cb06067fd21fb0231cc78a45Chris Baker is a wellness coach for Cigna and is assigned to work with O’Reilly Auto Parts.  This is where I work, so I have seen his post and comments at work through mail and newsletters and I know he would be a great guest on the show.
MC Booth 1bWe talk about his background in fitness and his professional career.  From playing professional soccer, to biking and Olympic weightlifting and to being a wellness coach.  I had a lot of fun recording the episode with Chris!

Unbroken Podcast 036: Melody Pettit

This was a fun interview. Melody is a down-to-earth person who has some fun stories!  She is a morning anchor for KSPR in Springfield Missouri.  She has also lost over 50 pounds and managed to keep the weight off over a year.
Mel4Melody, like myself, does not like to run, but we both know the importance of doing it. She has found joy in doing triathlons. I love that she really doesn’t have a training plan that she follows; she just knows that she needs to do work and puts it in. It works for her, and it’s what keeps training fun.
After college, she gained weight. She was playing college basketball and ate whatever she wanted. Once she stopped playing, she kept eating and noticed a weight gain. With the help of a good friend, she was able to find the motivation to head to the gym and eat healthy.
Mel3Loved just sitting down and talking to a friend. Hope you all enjoy this episode of the podcast!

Unbroken Podcast 035: Rob Bernet

This episode of the Unbroken Podcast I interviewed Rob Bernet.  I enjoyed talking to him and left the interview feeling like I made a new friend. Rob is a graphic designer as his day job but understands the benefit of exercising and bettering himself. I’d be more than happy to look like Rob at his age.
Rob2When Rob was just a kid, he was small and skinny but tried out for football and, in his words, was not very good. So him and a friend on the back of a comic book saw an ad for a bodybuilding guide.  They ordered it and over the next year they really put some work in and gained some serious size and strength.  Rob found himself being on top of the players on the team the next year.  He went from being picked on to people leaving him alone.  That set the tone for the rest of life in aspects of fitness.

rob4Rob found CrossFit back in 2007 when it was still fairly new.  Just trying to figure out what to do with the workouts that were posted at crossfit.com.  In 2011, he thought he tweaked his back, but turned out he had a staph infection in his spin that caused some of his vertebra to fuse together. He had a fight for his life and was told that he might not even be able to walk again. Against the odds and due to his great physical shape and help of pure determination on his part, he is again in the gym killing workouts.  Rob even got 1st place in the Granite Games in the 50+ division in 2015!

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Unbroken Podcast 034: Seth Brown

This was a fun podcast.  Seth is the owner of Axom Performance.  He is a very down-to-earth guy, and you can tell he loves what he does.  I loved talking shop with him on the ins and outs of running a business that sells and rents rigs.
Seth 1I Learned a lot about what kind of need there is for rigs.  Not only for CrossFit gyms, but also Seth has seen more of the traditional gyms wanting to purchase a rig.  Schools and hospitals are also wanting rigs for their employees and students.
Seth 2Axom Performance also rents out rigs for competitions, and there is such a big demand for it. A weekend off for Seth is rare, because he is bringing his rigs to competitions.  He has met all kinds of people at those events.


I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.

Unbroken Podcast 033: Cara Dee Stucke

So grateful that Cara said yes when I asked her to be on the podcast. Such a cool interview. This has been one of my favorite episodes by far.  Just hearing about some of the things she has overcome and her strength of will has inspired me so much.
CaraCara has lost over a hundred pounds and overcame cancer twice. We talked about how she had tried almost everything in the book to lose weight but nothing stuck.  Then, she found out she had cancer. In her mind, she felt like her weight was the cause of the cancer.  This put a fire under her to lose the weight. She has not looked back since.
cara3Love the story she tells about how she decided to bike a 300-mile race across Missouri because she saw a Groupon.  She had never done a race or even owned a bike at that time. Not only did she do the race, but she did it on a Walmart bike.
cara2She has just finished chemotherapy and is waiting to hear if she is cancer free. As of the recording, she had not heard yet, but I have great news.  She is in remission!  Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it!

Unbroken Podcast 032: Tommy Barker

Tommy Barker was a blast to have on the podcast. He is super inspirational and an awesome guy.  Loved getting to know him better.  It’s not everyday you get to sit down with a ninja and talk shop!
tommy3Tommy owns two martial arts studios, Kicking It Martial Arts, and has been practicing it for over 30 years.  We talk about how he went from being an angry kid and almost being sent to military school to thriving with martial arts.
tommy2I know Tommy through CrossFit Republic, and we talk about how applying the tools he has learned through mentors and his coaches in life has made him into a better person and coach.  Every mentor and coach that he has had, either through martial arts or any other aspect of fitness, has made him into the person and coach he is today.
TommyHope you enjoy the episode.